There seems to be lots of talk about the library building project. I'm as anxious as the next person to get this project moving, but we are trying to get answers before proceeding to the actual design of a new library. Residents of the city of Carroll who receive water bills should have received a newsletter from the Carroll Public Library outlining the project and our revised timeline. I have included a link to these facts in this blog. At this point, this is all the information we have. We don't have any cost estimates. We haven't purchased any property. Nothing has changed since the announcement by the city council in October. We are still interested in the Heider building and are working with the DNR to determine if there is any possible contamination on the site that can't be cleaned up. The foot and a half of snow and ice covering will delay some of the investigation until spring. Please take the time to read this fact sheet and give me a call at the library if you have any questions that aren't answered by that sheet. I'd rather you heard it from "the horse's mouth" so you can be an informed citizen. We are trying to be as transparent as possible with this project, so questions are welcomed. In the mean time, come in and check out a great book or video to get through these cold winter nights!