The Carroll Public Library has teamed up with Census 2010 in promoting residents to complete the census forms they will be receiving in the mail later this winter. We have free book bags with the census logo on one side and the library’s logo on the other side that we are handing out this month. Stop in and pick one up. They double as grocery bags, shoe bags and general carry alls!

I thought it was interesting the census people were needing to promote the need to complete census forms, but after discussing it with nieces and nephews who range in age from 25- 12, I realized none of them had any understanding of what the census was because the last time an official census was taken, the oldest was only 15 and a couple of them were still toddlers!

Of course, we asked them if they knew why Mary and Joseph were traveling to Bethlehem and that kind of put into perspective how long people have been counted by their governments! Library funding is in part based on the number of citizens we serve, so it seemed a logical partnership for the Carroll Public Library. We will have additional information on the census as we get closer to March and the documents are distributed. Currently we have information on how to apply for a job helping with census collection if you are interested in some part time work. In the meantime, stop in the Carroll Public Library and pick up a bag. You might as well fill it with books, magazines and videos while you’re here!