The Friends of the Carroll Public Library hosted their final author of the Spring Author series. All of the authors are from the state of Iowa, but have very different backgrounds and genres of books they write. It has been interesting to listen to the different approaches these authors take to the craft of writing.

Last night we listened to Jeffrey Martin who writes serial killer books. Jeffrey's background as a Marine and later in law enforcement, are very evident in the books he writes. He has two published books, with a third due out shortly and one e-book available on Amazon. A week ago, Shirley Damsgaard talked about her series of seven books featuring Ophelia and Abby, grandmother and granddaughter witches living in Iowa.

Damsgaard said she follows her editor's advice for grammar, structure and story flow. She feels her editor knows what sells and what doesn't, so she is willing to listen to whatever advice she gets. Martin said he'll listen to advice on sentence structure, but the story is going to stay the way he wrote it. Shirley has worked very closely with her literary agent for her first six books, but had a new agent for her seventh book as her first agent left the field. Jeffrey had an agent for his first book, but didn't feel the agent had the ability to get his books the type of exposure he wanted. Both seem to be doing well in the field as they both have contracts for future books. That being said, neither of them was willing to give up their day jobs yet, to live on an author's royalties!

I've enjoyed these evenings, but wish there was a way to get more people to attend. I realize there are many activities in Carroll to choose from. If anyone has ideas about how to get the word out to people in the area about these events, please call the library, or post to this blog!