Fans of Janet Evanovich might want to try this author. Sophie Littlefield was an Edgar Award finalist for her book "A Bad Day For Sorry" and has followed it up with "A Bad Day For Pretty." Edgar awards are given to outstanding mystery writers and "A Bad Day for Sorry" was Littlefield's debut novel.

Her main character is 51 year old Stella Hardesty who put up with an abusive husband until shortly before she turned fifty. Now she is out helping other women who are stuck in abusive relationships by "convincing" their significant others it is time to shape up or ship out. Set in rural Missouri, Stella runs a sewing shop by day, flirts with the local Sheriff, Goat Jones and operates just a little outside the law in her own style of justice.

I may be drawn to Stella since she is my age and her comments about being AARP card eligible and going to her friends in the Green Hat Society for advice- they just wear their husband's John Deere hats rather than spending money on those fancy red ones- cracked me up or just plain hit home. I'm getting rather tired of Stephanie Plum in Evanovich's books not being able to make up her mind between Ranger and Morelli. Seriously, pick one. You can't go wrong!

Stella's been through all that, chose the wrong kind of guy, paid for it and is ready to do her part in helping other women. I like a woman with spunk, who isn't afraid to face challenges put before her and is still able to laugh at herself. Sophie Littlefield may be on to something here. I'm looking forward to her next installment.