" “It is time for CADC and other local organizations to step up and back fundamental civic issues like the Instructional Support Levy.” " CADC member Barry Bruner CADC member Barry Bruner
In looking at trends in rural communities, low unemployment rates and declining enrollments are among those you will see.
As companies continue to point out workforce shortages, on a nationwide basis you will find evidence of a broadening skills gap. Throughout a series of industry visits in Carroll County in recent months, the consistent theme among employers speaking to the Carroll Area Development Corporation was the lack of skilled workforce available for employment.
This can be statistically supported by the fact that in the last 18 months the unemployment rate for Carroll County has ranged from 2.6 percent to 3.7 percent.
“It is time for CADC and other local organizations to step up and back fundamental civic issues like the Instructional Support Levy,” said CADC member Barry Bruner, a Carroll attorney. “Our school systems are a huge part of our community’s basic quality-of-life structure that businesses, industries and visitors look at when they study or visit our area.”
The education systems in Carroll are of great importance to Carroll Area Development Corporation.
“In working with the recruitment of business and industry, one of the top three criteria in nearly all searches is the availability of a skilled workforce and access to workforce training,” said Jim Auen, president of CADC and Auen Distributing. “Also, education is a strong determining factor in the recruitment decisions of new families to the community. It is not only important to have strong schools in the community, but having options for education is a great asset to Carroll.”
One of the greatest assets in determining how to fill workforce gaps is our youth. Students in Carroll have the access and ability to take advantage of educational opportunities around the world, but that education base has to begin in our K-12 school systems.
As the primary economic-development entity serving Carroll, it is important for Carroll Area Development Corporation to offer support of the Instructional Support Levy that is going to the voters on Sept. 9.
The funds generated by the ISL will help to ensure that adequate teaching and support staff is available, while maintaining educational programs for students of the Carroll Community School District. The ISL actually reaches beyond just K-12 students, and outside of the walls of the Carroll Public School system. The levy will help offer prekindergarten classes, access to Des Moines Area Community College credits for students in high school, and transportation services for students at both Carroll and Kuemper Catholic School System facilities.
Voting “yes” on the ISL is voting “yes” for both Carroll public schools and Kuemper Catholic Schools.
“We should endorse both education systems in Carroll, both the ISL for Carroll Community School District and the capital campaign underway at Kuemper Catholic Schools,” said Ed Smith, CADC member and the CEO of St. Anthony Regional Hospital. “Carroll Area Development Corporation understands the importance of education in the longevity of the community. Better-educated communities tend to be better communities.”
“The expenditures today in our school and youth are truly an investment in the future of the community,” said Rhonda Mart, a CADC member and executive director of New Hope Village. “We have to create an educational experience that is something that our youth will want to bring their children back to; we have to be a community that thrives and offers opportunities for growth of Carroll businesses and professionals.”
We are positioned well for economic development with having two strong K-12 school systems and a community college within Carroll, along with access to a number of four-year programs with the University of Northern Iowa and Buena Vista University at the Des Moines Area Community College campus.
Carroll Area Development Corporation is a group of community leaders that seeks to support and encourage growth of the community.
It is important that residents in the Carroll Community School District be a part of the decision by becoming educated about the Instructional Support Levy and making a point to vote yes on Sept. 9 — or by casting absentee ballots now.