Lake City’s new Mexican restaurant, Cielito Lindo, opened April 23 in the former Carnegie Library.
Lake City’s new Mexican restaurant, Cielito Lindo, opened April 23 in the former Carnegie Library.

May 16, 2018


In Lake City, ice-cold margaritas, fresh salsa, flavorful tacos and enchiladas are available now.

Taking over where the Carnegie Cafe once stood, Cielito Lindo — or “Beautiful Little Skies” — Mexican Restaurant opened its doors April 23.

Cielito Lindo is located in downtown Lake City at 120 N. Illinois St. The building dates back to 1905 when it opened as one of the Carnegie libraries constructed across the country.

Since opening, Roxanne Rowedder, a co-owner of Cielito Lindo, said the restaurant has been busy — especially at dinner.

Rowedder, a Lake View resident, owns the restaurant with Raul Gutierrez, a former employee at Rancho Grande in Carroll.

She said Gutierrez loves to cook, and now the restaurant gives him that chance to try new dishes and use his “magic hands.”

I think he is probably more happy he owns a restaurant and is showing his true talents,” Rowedder said.

The couple offer a menu with typical Mexican dishes such as fajitas, burritos, tacos and much more. But they also added a few less-traditional items such as the Mexican fettuccine.

Rowedder said the fettuccine is a popular dish at the restaurant and is made either with seafood such as shrimp and crab or with meat like steak or chicken.

No matter what, no one leaves Cielito Lindo hungry, Rowedder said.

“You get big plates, and people are always carrying out food,” she said.

Rowedder said there were a few bumps in the road as the restaurant opened, but overall, she enjoys it.

“I like people,” she said. “I like talking to people, and there’s a lot of people from the area that come up here, and this town is really nice and supportive.”

Rowedder said this Mexican restaurant offered something that Lake City and its residents needed.

I don’t think there’s much going on here, and I think that every business here supports each other,” she said. “A lot of people love Mexican food. It gives a little bit of variety too.”