ARCADIA - One of the bigger structures between Carroll and Denison is being demolished starting today.

FAC Cooperative is removing Elevator No. 2 at its primary facility along U.S. 30 in Arcadia. The old wood-house elevator stands nearly 140 feet tall. Three adjoining steel storage tanks are also being removed.

"There are structural problems, but Elevator No. 2 has just outlived its usefulness," said FAC general manager David Leiting. "It's not worth fixing because it was designed for a different era of agriculture."

When it was built in 1966, farmers used small wagons and tractors to bring grain to the co-op. Today, grain comes in on much bigger wagons or semis. The pit in No. 2 does not take grain fast enough to unload modern equipment.

FAC paid Iberson Construction $100,000 to build Elevator No. 2 46 years ago. The elevator was completely sidelined for this year's harvest by structural problems. The wood house part of the elevator shifted on its foundation.

"It served us well, and we got are money's worth," Leiting said. "It will take a crew about 10 days to demolish it and clean up the site."

For cooperatives, grain storage is a valuable and expensive asset, a news release from FAC said. FAC loses 230,000 bushels of storage by removing the elevator and tanks. But, the storage space was proactively replaced earlier this summer when crews built an extension onto the large hoop structure at FAC Arcadia.

The large hoop holds up to 1.6 million bushels of grain. Farmers can unload grain more than 10 times faster into the hoop than they could unload it into Elevator No. 2.

The elevator site will eventually be filled with dirt and leveled. There are no immediate plans for the site, but it could be used for future expansion.

FAC has been busy growing the cooperative's business. A $1.6 million upgrade to the FAC feed mill in Arcadia is just finishing. The heart of that project is replacing the old 3-ton feed mixer with a new 4-ton mixer.