May 30, 2014

Longtime seed producer Renze Seed will be closing its operations in Templeton in August.

The closing of the facility comes after Renze's parent company, Indiana-based Dow AgroScience, integrated the brand with Prairie Brand Seed.

Rachael Christiansen, product manager with Dow AgroScience, told the Daily Times Herald that with the integration, Renze Seed will remain open until Aug. 31, then move its operations to Story City.

Renze declined to give the total number of current employees and the number of jobs that will be affected by the transition.

General manager of Prairie Seed Brand, Dan Kallem, said the decision for integration that was made by Dow AgroScience is to help boost the overall brand of the company.

"Renze has very strong and proud brand in seed corn, and Prairie Brand has a very strong and proud reputation in the soybean industry," said Kallem. "By coupling the two together we feel like it makes us an overall stronger brand."

Kallem said that Prairie Seed Brand will continue to strive to sell farmers who are currently customers of Renze seed.

Renze Seed was started in 1939 by Joe Renze. The company was acquired by Dow AgroScience in 2008.