Jose Alvarez Galdamez
Jose Alvarez Galdamez

June 1, 2018

A 32-year-old Carroll man was arrested in the early morning hours of Memorial Day for urinating on a public street near the Carroll County jail.

A deputy sheriff saw Jose Eduardo Alvarez Galdamez relieving himself about 1:42 a.m. next to a sport utility vehicle near the intersection of Fifth and Court streets, court records show.

That intersection is just east of the Carroll County courthouse, which holds the jail and sheriff’s office.

Alvarez Galdamez “had bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech, was unsteady on his feet and had the aroma of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and person,” the deputy wrote in a criminal complaint. He allegedly declined to take a breath test to determine his blood-alcohol concentration.

Alvarez Galdamez was arrested for public intoxication and pleaded guilty the next day. He was ordered to pay court costs of $60.