May 17, 2018

Police are investigating several reports this month of counterfeit bills discovered by businesses and banks in Carroll.

There have been at least five such incidents, dating back to May 3, according to police reports.

He are the counterfeit bills that were reported:

— May 3: Someone used a $20 bill at Queen Beans.

— May 4: Commercial Savings Bank received a $20 bill that was deposited by a convenience store.

— Between May 4 and 11: Commercial Savings Bank received an unspecified bill from Carroll Country Store.

— May 10: Someone used a $50 bill at McDonald’s.

— May 12: Availa Bank received a $20 bill from an unspecified source.

Those who knowingly use counterfeit money can be charged with forgery — a felony punishable by up to five years in prison — and theft.

Reports of counterfeit bills come in spurts, Sgt. Gary Bellinghausen has said.

It’s sporadic,” he has said. “A bunch of money gets dumped in an area. It’ll hit for a few weeks, then a month or two will pass and it’ll start again.”