May 23, 2018

Someone shot a firearm twice within Carroll city limits during an altercation this month at a troubled apartment complex on the city’s northeast side, according to witnesses.

The shots were reported about 11:25 p.m. on Monday, May 7, at Fairview Village Apartments, 510 E. 18th St., which is across the street from an elementary school.

“It kind of shocked me when I heard it,” a nearby resident told the Daily Times Herald. “There were probably 10 people running on the backside of the apartment building, running west to Grant Road. Right after I heard one shot, then another shot.”

The Times Herald is withholding the neighbor’s identity because he fears retaliation from the people who were involved in the altercation.

One man has been arrested as a result of the fight, which reportedly included pepper spray and a firearm.

Bradan Raytel Young, 28, of Carroll, is charged with disorderly conduct for being the “primary aggressor” of the fight, court records show. He faces up to 30 days in jail if convicted.

“One victim had a wound on his head that (he) claimed was from the defendant hitting him with a gun,” a criminal complaint says.

Police Chief Brad Burke declined to say whether his officers located a firearm.

“The investigation is not over at this time, and more charges are pending,” he said.

The neighbor, who is a longtime hunter, said the weapon sounded like a small-caliber rifle. He’s lived nearby for 10 years and hasn’t heard gunshots at the complex before, but “there’s always fighting. The cops are always over there.”

A review of police call logs shows that the apartment complex is the single-largest source of calls for help. A new company took possession and management of the complex in the past year and pledged to improve the situation.

Young was also charged last week with trespassing for pushing his way into a Fairview apartment where he wasn’t welcome, and a fight ensued. The charge is punishable by up to one year in jail.

He was arrested in 2016 not long after he moved to town for threatening people with an ax.