Corey Trott
Corey Trott
January 23, 2014

A judge denied the request for a new attorney for the Rockwell City man who claimed this month that his current defense attorneys are "emotionally attached to the alleged victims" of the September shooting death of a local police officer, court records show.

Corey Trott, 32, is set to stand trial in April for first-degree murder for the Sept. 13 shooting of Jamie Buenting, a well-regarded Rockwell City police officer who was part of a law-enforcement team that surrounded a house in that town in an attempt to arrest Trott for an alleged assault of his mother.

An all-night standoff ensued between officers and Trott, and at about 1:40 a.m., a single gunshot from the house struck Buenting, 37, between his chest and neck and killed him.

Trott surrendered three hours later and allegedly admitted to shooting Buenting when he was questioned by investigators.

Trott told a judge last week that his attorneys - Charles Kenville and Joe McCarville - had conflicts of interest because of their alleged loyalty to the Fort Dodge police

department. Court records do not specify how that loyalty would affect a case from Rockwell City, which is about 30 miles from Fort Dodge.

"Mr. Trott presented no evidence to support his assertions other than his own statement," District Judge Thomas Bice wrote in his order last week that denied the new-attorney request. "Both Mr. Kenville and Mr. McCarville indicated to the court their commitment to the defense of Mr. Trott."

Trott's trial is set to begin April 21 in Clarion, about 50 miles northeast of Rockwell City. It was moved from Rockwell City at the request of Trott's attorneys, who argued that it would not be possible to find an impartial jury in Calhoun County because of pre-trial media publicity.