Rob Cordes
Rob Cordes
July 2, 2013

Carroll Community School District Superintendent Rob Cordes received a 5.8 percent pay hike for the fiscal year starting Monday.

Cordes will make $141,532 for the fiscal year 2013-2014, up from $133,774 the previous year, under a package approved 5-0 by the school board last week.

"The reason we've done this is Rob has done such a good job for us," said school board president Kim Tiefenthaler.

In this past year, Cordes' salary ranked 95th out of the 300 full-time superintendents in the state, according to the Iowa Association of School Boards.

Tiefenthaler also said the raise will bring Cordes in line with superintendents at schools in Iowa with similar enrollment.

Last fiscal year, only three school districts in Iowa with larger enrollments than Carroll paid their superintendents less - Keokuk, 1,997 students, $130,000; Denison, 2,069 students, $133,462; and LeMars, 2,093 students, $133,596.

The Carroll public schools had an enrollment of 1,691 students last school year, the IASB reported.

Tiefenthaler said the board looks to similarly sized schools and area schools in considering the superintendent's salary.

Some comparable districts, based on enrollments, paid their superintendents as follows in 2012-2013: Clear Creek Amana, 1,671 students, $142,724; Decorah, 1,419 students, $145,634; Webster City, 1,573 students, $149,075; and Charles City, 1,579 students, $156,200.

Cordes received a 7.6 percent salary increase for the 2012-13 school year. It had been $124,335 in the 2011-2012 school year.

Tiefethaler said the board has been in the process of "catching up" Cordes on salary and benefits.

The district's insurance cost for Cordes this year will be $8,785, up 1.4 percent.