Carroll Community School District’s proposed revenue purpose statement narrowly passed Tuesday, receiving 52.5 percent of the vote when a simple majority was needed.
A total of 1,137 voters out of 10,576 eligible in Carroll County cast ballots.
Of the 1,137 votes, 597 voted yes and 540 voted no.
“On the revenue side it doesn’t change one thing,” said Gary Bengtson, director of business affairs. “I guess I was a little surprised it was as close a vote as it was.”
The change in the revenue purpose statement will allow the district to borrow against the sales-tax fund.
The board can now bond up to 75 percent of its expected earnings until the tax sunsets in 2029, and it’s estimated the fund could generate a total of $12 million. The school brings in about $1 million per year from the tax.
Defined by Iowa law, the money can be used for school infrastructure, which is defined to include construction, reconstruction, repair, demolition or remodeling of schoolhouses, stadiums, gyms, field houses and bus garages.
Bengtson said the biggest positive that will come from the vote is that it gives the district flexibility when the district spends those funds.
“In other words if you would have a large project, you would be able to bond against those funds in order to accomplish that project,” Bengtson said.
He said other than that it doesn’t really change anything.
During a meeting about the change of the revenue purpose statement, an audience member expressed concern that the district would use the money to build a new football stadium even though the community didn’t support a stadium renovation when it was put to a vote a few years ago.
In the meeting Cordes said he didn’t believe that would happen with the money because there are several other priorities facing the district.
The school board has discussed getting more space for the preschool through third-grade students at Fairview.
A popular idea that has been shared during several meetings is building onto the middle school and moving fifth grade to the new addition. Adams currently houses fourth and fifth grades. That would allow moving third grade to Adams and giving more room to the rest of the students at Fairview.