Nicholas Linde
Nicholas Linde
A 2004 graduate of Carroll High School is trying to help Upper Iowa University fulfil its first-ever comprehensive capital campaign.
The campaign goal is $25 million, and Nicholas Linde has stepped in to help.
Linde, son of Brad and Vicki Linde and grandson of Estherline Blum, plans to run two marathons in one week in February.
His goal is to raise $100,000 for running the marathons in Tampa Bay, Fla., and Phoenix, Ariz., but he says “the sky is the limit.”
Linde will be raising money for the Clark/Bowen Scholarship fund.
The scholarship fund is named after the university’s former vice president Charles Clark and the university’s former registrar Roger Bowen.
The scholarships will be awarded to students in need at the 19 Upper Iowa University locations in the United States and four locations overseas.
He said the university is hosting the marathon in Phoenix because it is opening up its 19th location in the United States, and a week later he’ll run at Tampa Bay.
“That one is more or less, let’s do something crazy to bring a lot of attention to the scholarship fund,” Linde said.
Linde has never run a marathon (26.2 miles) but said he’s looking forward to the challenge of running two in one week.
He participated in track at Carroll High School for one year but said that probably won’t help him much at this point.
He’s also running to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Upper Iowa University correspondence program.
After high school, Linde attended the University of Northern Iowa, then worked in advertising for the Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star newspaper.
He began his career in higher education at a school in Kansas City but took a job at Upper Iowa University about two years ago.
Linde took the job as director of major gifts to help finish the campaign.
To donate to the scholarship fund, call the Upper Iowa University office at 563-425-5388.