Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kuemper Catholic High School won the Class 2A Bank Iowa Traveling Cup and $1,750 for academic excellence and achievements during state competition.

 The award is sponsored by Bank Iowa and the Iowa High School Sports Network.

During an assembly Tuesday afternoon, students and coaches representing boys’ and girls’ golf, baseball, track, football, volleyball and wrestling thanked two representatives from Bank Iowa who later presented the award.

All of the teams listed qualified for state competitions during the 2011-2012 school year.

Representatives from Bank Iowa, Robert Vavra and Scott Brus, said it’s the second time they’ve been to the school and congratulated the students on their enthusiasm, commitment and hard work throughout the school year.

They said it’s the students’ ability to excel in class that helped them win the award.

Of the 767 points the students earned, 400 of the points came from academic achievement.

Chuck Reed of the Iowa High School Sports Network said his congratulations on winning the award and on receiving a bigger check than last time Kuemper won the award.

Kuemper also won the award during the 2009-2010 school year.

St. Edmond of Fort Dodge came in second this year in the 2A competition earning 740 points.

Speakers representing Kuemper included boys’ golf coach Brian Billmeier and team member Jay Tigges, girls’ golf coach Jeanne Spieler and team member Morgan Naberhaus, baseball coach Randy Snyder and team member Carter Ludwig, track coach Keith Henderson and team member Riley Bach, football coach Chad Klein and team member Colby Baumhover, volleyball coach Keith Stickrod and team member Brandi Bueltel and wrestling coach Tanner Warrington and team member Jared Eischeid.

Other teams that helped receive academic points included girls’ basketball, boys’ and girls’ cross country, softball, boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys’ and girls’ tennis, choir and large group speech.

The presentation also included a slide show of various sports events from last year.

The Bank Iowa Traveling Challenge Cup was introduced in 2007.

Champions in other divisions this year were Iowa City West in 4A, Decorah in 3A and St. Albert Catholic School in Council Bluffs in 1A.