Mary Fuhs
Mary Fuhs

August 27, 2018

After teaching all over Iowa, Mary Fuhs is ready to return to her family and be back at a familiar school.

Years ago, Fuhs taught at the East Sac Community School District before the school started all-grade sharing, she said. She left after three years to teach math at Central Community School District in Elkader, Iowa.

Now after years of teaching high school math around Iowa, Fuhs accepted a ninth-through-12th-grade teaching position back at East Sac.

Fuhs, 51, said she always planned to be a teacher and because she always loved math, she went that route in school.

She graduated from the University of South Dakota with a math education degree in 1993 and went on to teach high school math in Lake View.

After leaving the area for several years, Fuhs said, she is ready to return and be closer to her daughter Lynn Kapustka and Lynn’s husband, Nate, who live in Lake View.

Fuhs said that Lake View was the only place she wanted to return to, and she can’t wait to be back at the place where she feels at home.

I will be closer to family and my daughter and to friends,” she said. “I feel really strong about their goals and their mission here. It has made the school a great school to teach at. I am looking forward to coming back to a place that I left. I feel at home here. I decided to make a change and find a different job. I didn’t look anywhere else.”