September 27, 2013


The Kuemper Catholic School System will not pursue plans to build its own football stadium, said president Vern Henkenius, following a board meeting last Tuesday.

A new football stadium was one of six potential projects to be funded by a proposed capital campaign. The board approved moving forward with the campaign last week. However, after hearing the results of a feasibility study conducted by the Stier Group from Omaha, Neb., plans for the stadium were "scaled back," said Henkenius.

"There will be no new football field. There was a lot of controversy about that," he said.

The Carroll Community School District currently owns the Carroll Athletic Field stadium, said Henkenius, making it that board's responsibility to develop a funding plan for a new field. However, he said that he could see the two districts working together on the issue in the near future.

"From the reaction Kuemper Catholic got from the feasibility study, there would be significant support for cooperation in improvements to the current stadium," Henkenius said. "That came through pretty loud and clear."

The feasibility study provided feedback from general surveys and 93 face-to-face interviews.

In the meantime, new goals for the Kuemper capital campaign include upgrades to and remodeling of the field house and existing facilities to provide coeducational support and an indoor practice area.

Also scaled back were plans for an extended learning program and facility for children younger than age 4. Goals now include implementation of before- and after-school programs in existing facilities.

The other four goals remain the same, said Henkenius. They include increasing technology, remodeling the high school entrance for safety and to identify the building as a Catholic institution, improvements to the science labs and support for the Kuemper Catholic School Foundation, including tuition assistance and teacher salary funds.

The board approved a nine-month campaign, with the option to extend the length to one year, one month at a time. Members set a three-tiered monetary goal. The "celebration" goal is $4,630,000, the "challenge" goal is $5,380,000 and the "jubilation" goal is $6,500,000.

The first tier will provide funding for the six original goals. The second tier will provide additional funding for an all-weather track. The third tier will help provide for the future of the Kuemper Catholic School Foundation by strengthening the endowments for the tuition assistance and salary funds.

The Stier Group began recruiting campaign leaders immediately. Donor evaluation and material preparation will begin in October.

In other business:

Members were approved for the 2013-14 school improvement advisory committee. They include Vern Behrens, community/parent; Brian Billmeier, parent; Jeff Boldt, business/parent; Kris Collison, support staff/parent; Alma Cortez, teacher/parent; Lee Dentlinger, community/parent; Jim Feauto, business/parent; Jeff Fitzsimmons, parent; Ellen Frank, parent; Cara Greteman, teacher/parent; Katie Lawler, community/business; Jean Ludwig, community; Julie Mayhall, business/parent; Kathi Milligan, teacher/parent; Marie Pudenz, board/parent; Ann Pugh, parent; Ann Schmitz, support staff/parent; Bill Schrad, support staff; Taylor Boldt, student; Brandon Baumhover, student; Ted Garringer, principal; Vern Henkenius, president; Penny Miller, principal; and Earl Schiltz, principal.