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Lions, elephants, black rhinos, water buffaloes and leopards - oh my!
  • 'Doing what I love'
    In a small studio room tucked away in downtown Coon Rapids, large, painted canvases are stacked next to shelves of sculptures. Several feet away, a piano keyboard and other music equipment rests, and a table across the room displays a stack of CDs. 
  • South Central Calhoun's Ryan Daisy selected for Boys Nation
    South Central Calhoun High School senior Ryan Daisy next month will be reaping reward of his love of God and country.

    Daisy is one of two boys who will represent Iowa at the American Legion Boys Nation July 18-25 in Washington, D.C., where he will participate in government process simulating U.S. Congress, visit national shrines, memorials and historical sites, spend time with Iowa Sens. Chuck Grassley and Tom Harkin, plus meet President Barack Obama at the White House. 
  • Oxford publishing Carroll High alum's major work on Wilson administration
    The son and brother of two of the more consequential leaders in Carroll's history who spent a half century in the upper echelon of American academia with a 30-year teaching tenure at Brown University will publish a major book on one of the more influential, albeit behind-the-scenes, political leaders in the 20th century. 
  • Hollywood eyes Templeton for big-screen storytelling
    Tom Hanks as Templeton Rye kingpin Joe Irlbeck? Tommy Lee Jones as the Audubon County revenuer obsessed with busting barrels of booze? 
  • Quick training, high wages
    Teddy Pike came to Carroll last year with one goal: to give his kids a better life. 
  • Chamberlain calls it quits at 50-year milestone
    When life threw Merle Chamberlain a health curveball - dashing his dreams of smashing hits like Mickey Mantle or pitching strikes like Whitey Ford, both of his beloved New York Yankees - that still didn't knock him out of the game altogether. 
  • We the Dreamerz aims for a new status quo
    Nestled in at 522 N. Adams St. in Carroll, We the Dreamerz and its owner Jade Dirks, 23, are bringing a fresh outlook to the downtown business district. 
  • Clipper 'round the world
    As a high school student growing up near Carroll, Eric Riesberg took a dinghy out on Swan Lake as part of a high school sailing class - only to put a hole in his boat. 
  • Dragonflies, pinweeds 
and jewelry-building bugs
    With rubber boots reaching his thighs and a large, tan net held at the ready, a man creeps stealthily through

    waist-high grasses, focusing on his prey. 
  • Bald eagles nest near Coon Rapids, 'bit of a mystery' for now
    Benjamin Franklin didn't think the bald eagle was an appropriate representation of the United States - saying, "He is a bird of bad moral character; he does not get his living honestly." 
  • Spectacularly Sweet
    For five children it was a dream-come-true: Finding one of the Golden Tickets to Willy Wonka's spectacular world's greatest chocolate factory. 
  • Whiterock Conservancy's 'BioBlitz' to open prairies, wetlands, river to public
    More than 40 species of dragonflies live at Whiterock Conservancy in Coon Rapids. 
  • Carroll County Freedom Rock recalls sliver of Manning WWII, railroad history
    The front face of the Carroll County Freedom Rock - located in Manning's Hausbarn Heritage Park along Highway 141 - depicts a soldier standing on an outcropping of the Milwaukee railroad trestle north of town, guarding an incoming troop and munitions transport. 
  • Carroll teens blast through competition with '70s music
    If you closed your eyes, you'd think you had gone back in time. Dark bar, cold beer, ears ringing as KISS and Ted Nugent blare through the speakers. 
  • Rare squirrels nest in town square
    The squirrels that forage the town square of Lake City act normal enough. 
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