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Lions, elephants, black rhinos, water buffaloes and leopards - oh my!
  • Pet Cause
    Molly and Maxwell left impressive paw prints in their lives. After all, Molly, a black Labrador, and Maxwell, a gray weimaraner, weighed in at a hefty 92 and 88 pounds, respectively. Now, Ivan, a nearly 1-year-old Siberian husky may be just half their size — at just over 46 pounds — but he’s shown strong promise of nicely following his predecessor’s steps. 
  • The Words of a Victim

    "This is bad. I know that it affected me and my family. I was scared on the abandoned road and in the garage. You broke my heart a lot."

    ~Ron Turner's victim

  • Get active
    Valentine hearts aren’t the only kind on the mind of St. Anthony Regional Hospital doctors and patients this February. 
  • 3 generations serve the country
    Three generations of Riesenbergs are signed up for recognition on the military Honor Wall display planned for the 31st annual Friends of Kuemper Ball on Saturday, May 2, at the Carrollton Centre. 
  • A Nice Guy toast to farmers
    Iowa Nice Guy and Mount Carmel native Scott Siepker, who blends satire and passion for rural Iowa on social media, has delivered something of a video love letter to agriculture with his with his filmmaking team’s latest release — “Farmer Nice.” 
  • A rural Iowa heart beats in the Minnesota woods
    The expansive, seemingly borderless roam of Northern Minnesota is the setting for “Heart of Wilderness,” an independent film that explores a claustrophobic blue-collar marriage strained by broken promises, deception and sheer isolation. 
  • Local woman’s film highlights orphan children’s travels west
    Between 1854 and 1929, almost a quarter-million children were taken from East Coast orphanages, put on trains — they filled whatever empty seats there were — and sent west. They stopped at pre-determined cities and towns and were lined up for inspection in front of crowds of people looking for children. 
  • A swashbuckling good show
    Wisconsin triumphed over Auburn in a thrilling, overtime Outback Bowl contest on New Year’s Day, and the game was also a winning experience for a dozen boys and girls from South Central Calhoun High School dance teams. 
  • Best friends — and husband and wife for 47 years
    It was 1962. The average cost of a new house was $12,500, a gallon of gas was 28 cents and the Song of the Year was “Moon River.” One fall evening, four teenagers went on a double date. At the time they had no idea that their date for the movies was with their future spouse. 
  • For a classy, safe ride, try the party bus
    When planning a wedding it’s important to consider how your wedding party will get to and from the church and reception and how your family and wedding guests will get home. John Ferneding of Templeton owns and operates a party bus that will not only guarantee a safe ride to and from events, but you and your wedding party will ride in style. 
  • Spanning the globe
    For Kacper and Lisa Kustron, love spanned the globe across four countries. 
  • Jubilee: Tanzanian sisters open orphanage to mark 50th year of their order
    A giggle floats down the hallway of St. Anthony Nursing Home; the Holy Spirit Sisters have arrived for work. 
  • Moving (a) home
    Tyler Quandt tailed his new house for about 15 miles on county roads and highways last week as it crept to its

    new spot on the southwest side of Carroll. 
  • ‘A commitment they made’
    A faded photo, 70 years old, shows a young man and woman, faces bright, beaming. 
  • Against all odds
    Just a lot of good luck. That’s the way Merle “Bud” Rosdail, who’s made Carroll his home the last two years, explains that 70 years ago he survived two of the deadliest battles of World War II in Europe. 
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