Brittney Lynch, a 2012 graduate from Iowa State University with an apparel design degree, is also the creator of EDIROT, a line of casual fashion wear inspired by Lynch&rsquo;s love of wakeboarding.&nbsp; <span style="font-size: xx-small;"><em>Daily Times Herald photos by Jeff Storjohann</em></span>
Brittney Lynch, a 2012 graduate from Iowa State University with an apparel design degree, is also the creator of EDIROT, a line of casual fashion wear inspired by Lynch’s love of wakeboarding.  Daily Times Herald photos by Jeff Storjohann
Thursday, July 26, 2012

Asked if she was nervous about moving back to California in a couple of days, Brittney Lynch responded: “Kind of.”

“I’m nervous, but I’m excited ’cause I know that’s where I need and want to be,” she said.

An Audubon native and recent Iowa State University graduate, Brittney is about to take a huge risk — move from small-town Iowa to Hollywood, Calif.

She’s not going to become a movie star but hopes to make it big in the fashion world on the coast where brand names such as Volcom, Hurley and Quiksilver — where she interned last summer — reign. Her first step: putting her own fashion brand on the back burner.

Lynch, daughter of Paul and Kaye Lynch, has been sewing and designing clothes since she was little. At her parents’ house in Audubon, with sewing machines running, her mother showed one of Brittney’s first creations — a stuffed cloth doll. Another was a dress she made for a niece.

“Didn’t you trace around her?” Kaye grinned.

“I think so,” Brittney laughed.

Although those creations were not the most eye-catching, they were steps toward where she is today: a college graduate in apparel design and a clothing designer with her own brand and business – EDIROT –  which is really “to ride” spelled backwards.

It’s a fashion line of comfy — yet stylish — clothes for both men and women who love to ride the water waves like she does. Items that Lynch makes are mostly knits such as tanks, T-shirts, sweatshirts and knitted stocking caps her mother makes and headbands. At this year’s Iowa State Fashion Show, which showcases items of students, Brittney received three awards for her designs in different categories: first in Casual Wear with a dress; third in Menswear for an EDIROT hoodie; and second in Fiber Art for another EDIROT hoodie.

Lynch’s passion for the waves came from an annual family summer vacation in Minnesota on Long Lake at the New Frontier Resort boating and having a good time. She found her love for wake boarding from her brother Ryan at age 13.

“My brother’s friend had a wake board, and he liked it so he got one, and we all started on his wake board and then of course I had to have my own,” said Brittany, whose own wake board has lights on the bottom that light up when she jumps.

Lynch launched EDIROT in 2008 as a freshman in college. The brand has blossomed underneath the roof of her parents’ house since. All of the work has been done on her own machines — Iowa State students are not allowed to use the sewing machines for garments they are using to sell and not for class projects.  

“My parents are such troopers,” said Lynch, whose sewing station takes up half the kitchen and dining room area with three sewing machines, a computer and garments in different project stages everywhere.

Her mother Kaye has played a big part in EDIROT as well.

“Yeah, she helps me out a lot – a lot of little tedious things – because it’s easy for me to sew all the things together as I’m doing that, she’s ironing or something,” Brittney said.

EDIROT made its mark when Lynch started selling items at her Iowa State University water skiing competitions throughout the United States. Lynch started on the team as a sophomore.

Lynch knows the move to California is a path she needs and wants to take, but someday she wants to move back to the Midwest and continue making clothes for her own fashion line.

On Aug. 6, Lynch will move to Hollywood and live with a friend while continuing to apply to fashion-design jobs.

Her clothes will be on-sale at Audubon Operation T-Bone Days from Aug. 2 to 7.