John Eide, Dane Fletcher, Ben Herman
John Eide, Dane Fletcher, Ben Herman
The Killing it with laughter tour will perform at Kerp's tavern in Carroll at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 25.

Admission is free.

The tour is a promotion for a new 030 Productions film - "Murder Incorporated" - that will be shot in Des Moines and feature Iowa actors.

It will feature comedians Bill Blank, Doug Stone, Ben Herman and Dane Fletcher.

The movie is intended to be a thriller that's full of action, but Fletcher, the movie's producer, said it also will be filled with comedic undertones.

Fletcher said 030 Productions decided to film in Iowa because the state has become a kind of boomtown for film crews.

Iowa has the means and the people to make movies, although the movie industry largely disappeared in Iowa following a tax-credit scandal.

Plus, Fletcher said, it's cheaper to shoot a movie in Des Moines than somewhere else.

The movie will be about a man named Howard who is a member of a murder-for-hire team.

"He finds himself caught up in the stress of the job, tension between fellow members, and staying on top of his little brother's gambling problem," according to the movie's synopsis. "But when he finds himself falling for an overly ambitious member of his team, he must quickly re-evaluate the situation. With a deadly contract on the line, the Feds on his every move, a deadly debt collector hot on his trail, and a double cross at every turn, everything is about to come to a head."

The movie is currently undergoing a few changes, like finding a new director, but the movie's crew is confident that filming will begin in March.

The tour will be making its way around Iowa to several comedy clubs and colleges.

The first show was Jan. 19.