September 28, 2015

AGE: 20

DIED: SEPT. 28, 1986

Hometown: Montpelier

Craig Petersen died just over one day after Kimberly Loose died in the company of Petersen’s best friend, Jeffery Daily. Petersen disappeared the morning of Sept. 28, 1986 while walking across the Interstate 280 bridge south of Davenport. Two days later, his body was found floating two miles west of Montpelier on the Mississippi River. No conclusive evidence ever proved whether Petersen had jumped (voluntarily or by coercion), fallen, or been pushed from the bridge into the river.

Both Petersen’s and Kimberly Loose's deaths were considered suspicious and perhaps related, given the victims’ association with Daily, yet in the nearly three decades since the two young victims died, conflicting reports of what happened that weekend still leave loved ones wondering if they’ll ever find answers or closure.

Anyone with information about the deaths of Kimberly Loose or Craig Petersen is encouraged to contact the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at (563) 284-9506 or the Iowa DCI at 515-725-6010.