Jeffery “Jo Jo” Zolliecoffer
Jeffery “Jo Jo” Zolliecoffer

September 3, 2015

AGE: 23

DIED: SEPT. 15, 1989

Hometown: Waterloo

On Friday, September 15, 1989, a child playing by the Cedar River discovered the body of Jeffery “Jo Jo” Zolliecoffer about a half-mile north of Waterloo’s business district.

Zolliecoffer had been shot three times, including a shotgun blast to the back of the head. His body had been wrapped in a quilted blanket, secured with copper wiring, and looped through two cement blocks. Waterloo police believe it took several days for his body to rise from the river.

He had last been seen alive on September 7 at Goodies II, a bar formerly located in the 100 block of Sumner Street. There were conflicting reports of whether Zolliecoffer left the bar on his own will or was forced out by several men.

Some family members believe the murder was drug related while other members advised Zolliecoffer was against anyone who used drugs.