May 17, 2016

AGE: 21 | DIED: MAY 21, 1993 | Hometown: Corning

Late Friday night, May 21, 1993, Chad William White was shot to death in the Corning home he shared with his fiance´e, Dixie Kinser. Dixie, whose bridal shower was scheduled for the following day, survived the attack.

According to Chad’s brother Jason, Chad and Dixie had gone out riding on Jason’s motorcycle the night of the murder. At some point while they were gone, someone entered their home and waited in the bedroom with a 20-gauge shotgun. When they got home, the person came out of their bedroom and shot Chad in the head while he stood at the kitchen sink. Dixie screamed and turned and ran for the door. The person shot again but missed and hit the door frame. As Dixie was running out the door, he shot again and hit her in the back. She flew out and landed on the front lawn. The shooter came out the front door and ran off.

No one seemed to know whether Chad and Dixie were targeted specifically or whether the murderer simply went to the wrong address.