March 22, 2016

AGE: 48

DIED: FEB. 14, 1999

Hometown: Keokuk

Dolores Antonia “Toni” (Martinez) Hornung was shot to death in her Keokuk home with a 30-30 rifle early Sunday morning on Valentine’s Day, 1999. Hornung’s daughter called emergency officials about 5:25 p.m. saying she could not wake her mother.

Two days earlier, Eric Redinbo, 18, was killed in an adjacent home by a 12-gauge shotgun blast to the head. Officials said it appeared Redinbo may have been handling the gun in an attempt to unload it when it discharged. While police ruled Redinbo’s shooting an accident, they investigated Hornung’s death as a homicide. The proximity of the two deaths, however, left officials wondering if the cases might be connected.

A bullet was recovered from Hornung’s head during her autopsy. Police never recovered the rifle used in Hornung’s slaying.

Hornung’s boyfriend, Lewis Ray Greer, 33, of Bonaparte was later arrested and charged with first-degree murder in her death, but acquitted by a Lee County jury after a four- day trial. Jurors refused to consider lesser charges, and Greer left the courtroom a free man.

Redinbo’s mother, Carolyn Redinbo Robinson, said there’s no doubt in her mind that the cases are connected and that the same person killed both her son and Hornung. She said she never once believed her son’s death was an accident or a suicide.

Becky White Feather Riney, who said she was the last person to talk to Hornung, said Hornung called her on the 12th regarding the supposed “accidental shooting” of Eric Redinbo around the corner. Specific details surrounding that alleged accidental suicide had been brought to Hornung’s attention by someone living in the same house where Redinbo was shot, Riney said. “[Toni] went to the Keokuk police about it. But, she also talked with many loved ones about it too, including me,” Riney said. “She was murdered the very next day.”