March 23, 2016

AGE: 17

DIED: FEB. 19, 1959

Hometown: Lisbon

On Wednesday evening, Feb. 18, 1959, Marlene “Mickey” Padfield went to the Kozy Inn restaurant in Cedar Rapids with Arthur Scott Jr., an 18-year-old part-time Coe College student involved in community theater. Padfield, an aspiring actress, had recently moved from Mount Vernon High School to Lisbon, and after struggling to fit in, had dropped out of school in order to pursue acting roles in Cedar Rapids. Padfield and Scott left the restaurant sometime between 12:15 and 12:30 a.m. The beautiful and talented young woman was never seen alive again.

A farmer traveling an isolated dirt road between Cedar Rapids and Mt. Vernon-Lisbon discovered her partially clothed skeletal remains two months later on April 29.

Wrapped into the larger mystery of Padfield’s death are many smaller ones, such as how the young men who served as pallbearers were selected, why the family left town and Padfield’s apparently rocky relationship with her classmates. Plus, there are the mysteries of the current whereabouts of many of those young people she associated with in Cedar Rapids after dropping out of Lisbon High School to work and pursue acting roles.