January 14, 2016


AGE: 19

DIED: JAN. 2, 1976

Hometown: Estherville

At approximately 10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 26, 1975, Michael Edward Carr was struck by a vehicle on the west edge of Estherville, while walking home. He died one week later.

The hit-and-run happened near the intersection of Iowa Highway 9 and Emmet County blacktop A-22. A local couple found Carr on the road’s eastbound side, his arms folded across his chest like a

body in a cof
fin, and with his head resting on the curb. The Emmet County sheriff said Carr had been positioned there, leading officials to believe that whoever hit Carr most likely knew him. Carr’s body sustained numerous bruises in the hit-and-run after being struck by the vehicle’s bumper, the windshield and the top of the car. A maroon vehicle may have been involved.

Carr, who worked for the catalogue merchandiser “Ardan’s” in Des Moines, had spent the evening with a friend at the “Filling Station” bar in Estherville.

Following Carr’s death, his family received two anonymous letters, which they handed over to police. The family knew one letter had come from a girl Carr may have dated; the family described the other letter’s contents as “strange."