August 30, 2016

AGE: 8  |  DIED: JULY 10, 1969  |  Location: Des Moines

On Thursday morning, July 10, 1969, 8-year- old Patricia Ann Veach was found dead in her bedroom at her Des Moines home. She had been sexually molested. An autopsy showed she had been smothered to death either with a pillow or a hand. Laboratory analyses of blood and hair found on the scene were incomplete.

Patricia lived with her parents, Bill and Etta Veach, and her older brother, Billy, at 805 S.W. Lally Street on Des Moines’ south side. Billy had spent the night with his paternal grandparents. The Veaches told police they’d gone to bed around 2 a.m. and that their daughter was all right at that time. They said they’d heard no unusual noises in the house, and that their dog — who was kept in the basement overnight — had not barked.

Police canvassed the neighborhood in search of persons who might have seen someone or heard something near the Veach’s home. They questioned more than 500 persons within a week of the murder but reportedly had no clues regarding the identity of Patricia’s killer.