March 12, 2014

Carroll city officials have expanded an $870,000 street-resurfacing project for this construction into a $1.5 million plan. It's the largest streets project since 1998, according to Public Works director Randy Krauel.

The city is taking advantage of a favorable debt situation and borrowing climate to accelerate street work, Krauel said. On Monday, council members approved issuing up to $800,000 in general-obligation bond debt to finance the project.

Carroll's Public Works Department had been planning a street-resurfacing project in the full "fish bowl" neighborhood between Grant Road and Main Street. The work will now include Alta Vista Drive, Eighth Street and West Street as well - street improvements previously slated for 2015.

Construction is expected to start in the spring.

The work will involve concrete patching and asphalt resurfacing in the following areas: Bass Street from Pike Avenue to Grant Road; Marcella Heights Drive from Bass Street to Grant Road; Pike Avenue from Main Street to 18th Street; Perch Street from Pike Avenue to Grant Road; Alta Vista Drive from Grant Road to High Ridge Road; Eighth Street from Vine Street to High Ridge Road; and West Street from 18th Street to 21st Street.

Since 2006, the city has appropriated about $500,000 annually for streets projects.

The city will use a mix of funding sources in addition to the $800,000 in bonds.

In the absence of the project, or a similar one, the city would have had zero debt service levy in 2016-2017.

"There was an opportunity and a philosophy of maintaining a level of debt service," Krauel said.