November 26, 2013

Carroll Municipal Golf Course manager Brenda Bruggeman received a 5 percent management fee hike, bringing her compensation through the contract to $25,725 in each of the next three years.

Additionally, Bruggeman, a former longtime assistant named to the management role in 2011, will have the rights to profits from all the concessions at the clubhouse and be responsible for all expenses associated with providing them.

Council members approved the plan Monday night during a regular session.

"To me, this is a fair deal," Parks and Recreation director Jack Wardell said. "It's a good contract."

Councilman Jeff Scharfenkamp asked Wardell if the city is satisfied with her service.

"Yes," Wardell said.

Bruggeman will be required to keep the course open for play beginning at least 7 a.m. and not ending before 8 p.m. during golf season - which starts when the city opens the course for play in the spring and runs though the last weekend in October, according to the contract. She may continue play as long as the weather is fit for golf.

The contract calls for Bruggeman to manage play and the city's fleet of carts and collect fees belonging to the city. During the season, she pays for the full natural-gas bills, but splits electric service with the city.

She also will be charged a $1,400 seasonal rental fee and for some Internet services.

A 1986 Kuemper Catholic High School graduate, Bruggeman succeeded Michelle Stork and the late Kenny Stork in the management position.