January 29, 2014

Carroll City Council members Tuesday approved the first of three necessary readings of an ordinance to ban parking on the east side of Elm Street from Lenz Lane to the north cul-de-sac.

Police Chief Jeff Cayler said the ordinance is in response to public-safety concerns. A resident had complained that city snow plows could not effectively navigate the stretch of street.

Cayler said fire, ambulance and school district officials reported they could face similar problems on Elm Street without a parking restriction.

The police department sent out 25 letters to area residents. Cayler said he received two positive comments about the ordinance and had one conversation with a resident who was opposed to the parking prohibition but understood why it was being done.

"This ordinance is similar to other ones we have passed during the past three years for similar reasons," Cayler said.

Council members will consider the two remaining readings of the ordinance in future meetings. The first reading passed 6-0 with Councilman Dr. Eric Jensen making the motion.