May 11, 2018

Firearms and explosives will pop up at the Carroll City Council’s next meeting.

During its meeting Monday, the council will discuss whether Carroll residents can set off fireworks within the city limits this year, as well as whether it will permit a local company to set up an indoor firing range within city limits.

Mike Wendl, president of Wendl’s Weapons in Carroll, is requesting permission from the city to discharge firearms within the city of Carroll. The city’s consent would allow Wendl to build a firearms retail store, complete with an indoor firing range, in Carroll.

City code prohibits the discharge of firearms within city limits, unless someone has written consent from the City Council.

Wendl’s plan is to create a 4,000-square-foot retail and classroom facility with an additional 2,600-square-foot, six-lane, 25-yard indoor shooting range on the east portion of the former Carroll Auto Salvage lot, according to a letter to the city from Wendl. The store would combine Wendl’s Weapons in Carroll and Shooter’s Outlet in Arcadia into one entity.

“The proposed indoor shooting range would be encased in concrete, making it virtually bullet-proof as well as to help to dampen the report of the firearms being discharged,” Wendl said in the letter.

The range would include video surveillance, and those using the range would be supervised by National Rifle Association-certified “range safety officers,” the letter states.

Carroll Police Chief Brad Burke recommended the City Council approve firing at the indoor range for two years, after which the policy would be reviewed, according to information from the city.

The council also will discuss whether it will change its current policies to allow fireworks to be set off within city limits. A new state law passed last year allows fireworks to be sold in Iowa, but Carroll’s law last year prohibited them from being used in the city.

The council will meet at 5:15 p.m. Monday on the second floor of the Farner Government Building.