Jean Seidl
Jean Seidl

April 12, 2018

Carroll County might offer skills tests for commercial driver’s licenses starting this summer, according to the county treasurer.

The tests have not been available in the county since 2016 when the Iowa Department of Transportation closed its license issuance site in Carroll.

The treasurer’s office began issuing licenses about a year ago. Treasurer Jean Seidl said her office assists about 600 people each month with license-related tasks. The office added an employee to help with the extra duties.

“It’s gone better than I had expected,” Seidl said. “We have some well-trained staff.”

But those who seek a commercial driver’s license have been forced to take skills tests elsewhere. The nearest Department of Transportation site is in Fort Dodge, more than an hour’s drive away.

The test is a final requirement for commercial licenses. It is preceded by a knowledge test that the treasurer’s office offers on a computer.

Seidl is wrangling with the logistics of offering the skills test, too. She’ll need a site to do the testing — likely outside of city limits — and a skills examiner to administer the tests.

It’s possible that the tests will begin again in Carroll County in June. They will likely be offered one day each week.

The closure of the state license issuance site in September 2016 was a result of a $5 million cut to the Department of Transportation’s budget. The department closed another site in Spencer and maintenance garages in seven rural cities.

Six people were employed at the Carroll site.