Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Kuemper School Board welcomed four new members during its August meeting.

Joining the 13-member board for three-year terms are Melanie Bauer of Templeton, Jair Mayhall of Holy Spirit Parish in Carroll and Melissa Schultes of Dedham. Marie Pudenz of Mount Carmel will serve a two-year term because she is replacing Ann Schmitz, who is now Kuemper’s registrar.

The board members are selected by the pastor of a parish. Each parish that is served by the Kuemper schools is paired with another parish and each parish selects a board member every second school board election.

The Rev. Gary Snyder, a new pastor for Arcadia, Mount Carmel and Breda, will also serve on the board.

This year’s board president is Brad Nichols of St. Lawrence Parish in Carroll, and Snyder will be vice president. Chris Collison will serve as treasurer.

Meetings will take place every third Tuesday of he month at 5:30 p.m. in the high school library.

The board established committees for the year. Three committees will carry over from last year, the finance and budget committee, the school improvement advisory committee and the technology committee. Two more committees that came from ideas from the long-term plan will form as well. The committees will be marketing and a Catholic identity committee.

The board reviewed a preliminary enrollment report for pre-kindergrten through 12th grade, and Vern Henkenius, Kuemper Catholic School System president, said it looks as though the school has an increase of nine students. This year’s enrollment is currently at 1,009 students. The official enrollment will be released Oct. 1, the day the schools are required to report enrollment to the Department of Education.

Henkenius said during the meeting the board announced a $43,000 net return to the school after all expenses were paid through the scrip program.

He said the money will go to the general fund.

The school bought 100 new laptop computers over the summer.

The computers replaced existing computers at one lab, and the school added a second lab.

The rest of the computers went to the high school.

The school also hired two new teachers’ associates. Jessica Kennebeck will be a full-time special-education assistant, and Ann Toft will be a part-time supervisor in the lunchroom and computer lab.