Anna Faber, designer at Redeker’s, says gray is in. Charcoal gray, such as this couch, is an updated neutral. Gray makes other colors such as these bold throw pillows really “pop.”
Anna Faber, designer at Redeker’s, says gray is in. Charcoal gray, such as this couch, is an updated neutral. Gray makes other colors such as these bold throw pillows really “pop.”

January 31, 2012

BOONE — Anna Faber, designer at Redeker’s in Boone, has first-hand knowledge about setting up a home with a new spouse and redesigning an existing living space. Anna has been married for two years and she and her husband, Casey, purchased a new house in October 2010. She and Casey have been slowly furnishing and redoing all sorts of smaller projects on a month-to- month basis.

Anna has a few tips for couples setting up their first home together. Anna suggests discussing your priorities and setting a realistic budget for what you both desire to see done. Next, agree on which room to do first if you can’t do it all right away. This could mean doing one room or one item, such as flooring first. Anna says you should be proud of your home as you invest in long lasting furniture a little at a time.

Mike Redeker, advertising director, describes Redeker’s as “strongly transitional.” Redeker’s fills the niche for both traditional and contemporary customers and they are able to offer furniture, flooring and mattresses for every budget. Redeker’s first opened in 1930 and Mike feels the store’s longevity is due to superior quality and value. If there is a problem with an item, Mike assures customers the problem will be rectified. He says there is extreme value in knowing customers’ needs are put first.

Customers shop for new furniture for a variety of reasons whether they are upsizing, downsizing, or just in the mood for a change. According to Mike, furniture makes a home more livable and comfortable. Customers may come in wishing to furnish an entire house or just wanting an accent piece.

Living room sets are the most popular groupings since that is the area where a family spends the most time. At the moment, swivel chairs are highly desired accents pieces. Not only are they functional, but they are also conversation starters. They come in all sizes and shapes and are fun way to dress up a room.

Mike explains Redeker’s merchandise is approximately 80 percent American-made, which sets the business apart from other furniture stores. Redeker’s proudly align themselves with American builders that build specifically for them.

The following are some trends in home furnishings, according to Anna Faber, designer at Redeker’s

— Grey is big right now, but it is not for everyone. To start, pick a color you like and build on it.

— Pattern and texture are very prominent. Honestly, anything goes these days.

— Eclectic is in! You don’t have to buy a matching set of living room furniture, mixing styles and fabrics as well as tables is very much the “in” style.

— Color, texture, and pattern are very trendy right now in the living room. To incorporate them we see rugs, pillows, accent chairs and many other accessories. Don’t forget that the walls are important in design as well. Paint and interchangeable pieces are very practical and fun.

— In the dining room trends include two-toned tables and chairs. Mixing and matching stain colors or painted finishes are not out of the norm. There are a lot of requests for rustic styles as well. We are seeing a lot of people getting back to a more traditional style and adding buffets and hutches to their dining space. This is a great way to add storage and display accessories. Don’t forget a rug in this space too. Rugs are a great way to add color and texture.

— In the bedroom, popular pieces include upholstered headboards and headboards that serve as a focal point. Other trends we are seeing are storage beds with drawers underneath and media cabinets and dressers.

Designers at Redeker’s understand selecting furniture and designing a room may be daunting. Redeker’s design services are free and designers will travel statewide. They will take a look at your space, help with floor plans, and assist with selecting furniture, fabric, paint, and accessories.

If you are unsure of where to begin, Anna’s advice is, “Find an inspiration of a color, pattern, or specific style of furniture you both like. The internet is a great place to start. Check out Redeker’s website at and our Facebook page to get ideas. Then come in to the store and sit to your hearts’ content.”