Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Carroll County’s unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in June ranked as the second-lowest of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Only Lyon County, in far northwest Iowa, with a new casino and access to South Dakota and Minnesota markets, posted a lower rate in June with 2.8 percent.

Carroll County tied with Ida County for the second-lowest rate in Iowa.

“Carroll County’s unemployment rate of 3.7 percent  is the lowest June rate since 2008 (3.1 percent) when there were 320 more people in the labor force and 70 more unemployed,” said Carroll Area Development Corp., executive director Jim Gossett. “Looking at a snapshot of June rates over the last 10 years, the low was 2.4 percent in 2003 and the high was 5 percent in 2010.”

Carroll is continuing to grow its economy, Gossett said.

“What has remained constant is that Carroll County ranks very low in unemployment rate in the state, workers continue to choose Carroll County employers, and Carroll County realizes job growth as a result,” Gossett said.  “There are 100 more jobs in Carroll County now than in June of 2008, after a significant dip in the number of jobs in the interim.”

The June unemployment rates for area counties were as follows: Crawford, 4.2 percent; Sac, 4.1 percent; Calhoun, 4.9 percent; Greene, 5.4 percent; Guthrie, 5.4 percent; Audubon, 4.9 percent; and Shelby, 3.8 percent.

Iowa’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased slightly in June to 5.2. The current rate compares with 5.1 percent in May, and 6 percent in June 2011. Meanwhile, the U.S. unemployment rate for June remained at 8.2 percent.

“Despite the large seasonal drop in local education employment, the private sector created 3,100 jobs in June,” said Teresa Wahlert, director of Iowa Workforce Development. “Professional and business services led the month’s job growth with a gain of 3,000 jobs.”

The number of unemployed Iowans rose slightly to 85,600 in June from 85,000 in May. The current estimate of unemployed is 14,700 below the year ago level of 100,300.

Total employment decreased to 1,573,400 in June from 1,578,000 in May, but is 12,900 higher than the year ago figure of 1,560,500.