Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors and union-represented conservation employees presented respective contract proposals Monday.

The county’s four conservation employees who are members of AFSCME Iowa Council 61 asked for a three-year contract with salary increases each year of 4 percent, 4.5 percent and 5 percent.

The supervisors also presented their proposal for the conservation employees: no wage increase for the first six months of next fiscal year, starting July 1; 2 percent increase for the second six months of the next fiscal year; and 2.25 percent increases for each of the following two years. New health-insurance options would be included in the plan as well.

The four people in the conservation department covered under the union contracts and their current salaries are: park ranger Jason Christensen, $36,221; park ranger John Danner, $36,221; park ranger Bill VanZuiden, $36,658; and naturalist Matt Wetrich, $36,373.

The union will review the proposal from the supervisors and return at a later meeting to accept it or negotiate.

Not all conservation employees are represented by the union.