Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Carroll County is under a rural water emergency, a situation that the County Supervisors said needs to be taken seriously.

Supervisor Dan Nieland said he received a call from West Central Rural Water, which is afraid the rural water supply may only have four to five weeks left.

Nieland said farmers should prioritize any water use and know keeping cattle alive is more important than irrigation at this time.

“This is a real-life deal, if the well goes dry, we’re done,” Nieland said.

He said the water emergency will last well into this winter.

During its Monday meeting, the Board of Supervisors accepted the resignation of Carroll County Ambulance Service director Bill Fish.

According to Fish’s resignation, he will be retiring from his position effective Jan. 15, 2013.

The supervisors also looked into purchasing software for online-intrusion prevention and web content appliance with the help of Carl Wilburn, Carroll County information technology director.

Wilburn said there is malware and intrusion software that is set to detect holes in Internet systems to see what kind of information can be gathered from different web platforms.

He said people don’t even have to be running the intrusion software, it can detect the holes themselves.

Wilburn suggested that the county purchase software in order to stop any intrusions, and said it would reassure about security of the county’s online system.

The supervisors also renewed a liquor-sales licence for the Carroll Bowl.