Tuesday, October 16, 2012

GLIDDEN — Two area school districts have begun talks with Glidden-Ralston Community School officials to share classes and school administrators.

Glidden-Ralston superintendent Dave Haggard said at a school board meeting Monday that Paton-Churdan officials want to jointly offer afternoon elective high school classes with another district and possibly share a schools superintendent.

Paton-Churdan, which has just 50 high school students, has also approached the Southern Calhoun district about the idea. Paton-Churdan shares classes now with the Jefferson-Scranton district, Haggard said, but Jefferson-Scranton has declined to formally join the districts into one.

Paton-Churdan’s superintendent plans to leave the district in January, and a part-time administrator will replace him, Haggard said.

Jeff Kruse, superintendent for Southern Calhoun, said he’d be interested in an agreement his high school can accommodate the extra students.

The second school district that might share classes and students with Glidden-Ralston is Coon Rapids-Bayard, but no specifics of a proposed agreement were immediately available.

Glidden-Ralston’s total district enrollment dipped 21 students in the past year, school leaders said at Monday’s meeting.

The board then discussed two Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) grants the school received. One was to implement the Case Curriculum in agriculture programs and the other is to help expand the school’s Lego League.

Also discussed at the meeting:

— The Area Education Agency will present to faculty, staff and coaches about anti-bullying efforts on Friday. The school may decide to implement an anti-bullying curriculum in the future.

— The board discussed how to make the powder puff football game during homecoming safer. Injuries this year included a dislocated finger, a hurt foot and a torn knee ligament.

— The 11th grade scored 100 percent on the science category of the Iowa Tests of Educational Development.

— The school has not been able to find a coach for junior high school basketball.

Also on Monday, Southern Calhoun and Rockwell City-Lytton school board members met in Lohrville and Rockwell City and voted to sell equipment from an old school building in Lohrville on Nov. 3. The Southern Calhoun Spanish Club will serve lunch at the sale.

Also discussed during at the meetings:

— The districts’ K-12 enrollments reported for this year are 472.1 at Rockwell City-Lytton, up from 467 last year, and 469.36 at Southern Calhou, down from 499.4.

— The student FFFA received a $500 stipend after Brian Lantz won a teacher of the year award from the Masonic Lodge.

— Once the school districts formally merge in 2014, they might have a savings account of up to $700,000. Kruse recommended the board come up with a three to five year plan for the money.

— There will be a public hearing with the Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. in Rockwell City to discuss the proposed consolidation reorganization of the Rockwell City-Lytton and Southern Calhoun school districts. At that hearing, the public will be able to ask questions and comment on the proposal. A final petition for a consolidation vote to the Calhoun County auditor must be made by the AEA. Consolidation vote is scheduled for Feb. 5, 2013.  The proposal needs approval in each district in order to pass.