Brooke Smith (left) and Dr. Susan Hornback introduce Brenna Ann.
Brooke Smith (left) and Dr. Susan Hornback introduce Brenna Ann.
December 30, 2013


The arrival of a New Year brings on thoughts of resolutions and setting new goals. For Brooke Smith, of Lake City, running a marathon is top on her list.

"My mom is a marathon runner, and she's inspired me," said Smith, who moved to Lake City from Jefferson in 2011.

Smith became a first-time mom in late September and gives credit to her excellent medical care for the ability to stay in shape during her pregnancy.

"While I was pregnant with our daughter, I didn't want to give up all of the work I've put into staying fit to compete in running events," Smith said.

Since Smith was an avid runner before she and her husband Devin found out they were expecting their first child, Dr. Susan Hornback gave her the green light to continue exercising.

"A moderate workout during pregnancy is OK for expecting mothers who have already established an exercise routine prior to pregnancy," said Dr. Hornback, a board certified family practice and obstetrics physician with Stewart Memorial Community Hospital and McCrary Rost Clinics in Lake City.

While Smith got off to a good start with her pregnancy, she, like many first-time moms, had many questions during the 40 weeks.

"Exercising didn't always ease all of my stress and worries, so when I had a burning question, I called Dr. Hornback and she was very reassuring. She and her nursing staff always took the time to address my concerns, no matter how small," Smith said.

As her delivery day approached, and then passed, Smith anxiously awaited the arrival.

"It was difficult to be patient, but I needed to follow Dr. Hornback's orders to put me in the best position of delivering naturally," Smith said.

A week past her due date, baby Smith was not showing any signs of arriving soon. "After an unsuccessful attempt to dilate my cervix with medicine, we opted to be induced," Smith said.

Hornback had two careful considerations to weigh as Smith continued with her pregnancy.

"The challenge was to give Brooke the best chance of having her baby vaginally and not by c-section, which is what she desired and is a best practice, while not letting the baby grow too large to deliver. Since Brooke had broken her pelvis in a car accident in 2009, we didn't want to increase the baby's risk of shoulder dystocia during a delivery," Hornback said.

On a Sunday afternoon Smith and her husband arrived at Stewart Memorial Community Hospital to start the process of meeting their first child.

"I was pretty nervous. As a first-time mom, you're not sure what to really expect and there are no guarantees," Smith said.

She was successfully induced and delivered her baby girl the following afternoon without any complications. The couple was overjoyed to welcome Brenna Ann, who weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces.

"I credit Dr. Hornback and the wonderful SMCH nursing staff for our smooth delivery. Since I did not have to have a c-section, I recovered quickly and was able to get back to my running in a short time frame," said Brooke who added that Brenna looks just like her dad.

While Brooke also spends a lot of time cuddling and doting on her new little girl, she is also preparing to meet her next challenge of completing a marathon.

"Right now, I am working my way up to 26 miles, and deciding which marathon to compete in," said Brooke who will run a race this spring.