Wall art, wine racks, and ice buckets are all popular wedding registry gifts for today’s brides and grooms.
Wall art, wine racks, and ice buckets are all popular wedding registry gifts for today’s brides and grooms.
August 28, 2012

It is no longer just the bride and her mother selecting gift registry items. These days the bride and groom take part in the process. Trendy couples’ showers have prompted gift registries to fill with things both the bride and groom would use in their home.

Cindy Jorgensen, co-owner of True Value in Carroll, said, “In our store we find that every couple is different. If you look at the registry lists, some are into everything from entertaining to the basics, to the needs and wants of furnishing their outdoor spaces. Others stick to just simple everyday items. So what family and friends need to remember is that what the couple picked out is what’s ‘popular’ to them. On the other hand, couples need to think about a gift list that reflects a variety of ideas, because people do like to give gifts that they feel good about giving.”

True Value suggests couples register for gifts about three months in advance or when it’s most convenient. Definitely register before a bridal shower or engagement party and before shower invitations are sent out.

When a couple come in to register, Jorgensen said, they like to make it “fast and painless.” The bride or groom can point, and someone is there to write down their requests. The helper can also make suggestions such as coordinating dishes or other pieces to a set.

All of the requested items are listed in the registry book on the counter near the cash register. Each item is also typed onto a list on Facebook. Wedding guests can take a look at the in-store registry or look online.

The Facebook registry is updated regularly so guests can go online to check what is still available to purchase.

Erin Koster, sales associate, updates the registry lists on Facebook and does much of the bridal registries and ordering.

Carroll’s True Value keeps in close contact with the engaged couple by communicating via email, Facebook or phone regarding their gift registry. Couples are contacted when their registry items are getting low or if the store has suggestions of more things to add.

True Value can work over the phone for those who can’t get to the store or live out of town. They can go over the registry items over the phone and work within their price point.

The gift is wrapped and can be picked up at the store, or the store can deliver the item. All gifts are wrapped free of charge in white paper with ribbon to match the wedding color(s).

Couples are registering for a large variety of gifts depending on whether the couple are fresh out of college and setting up their first real home or if they have been on their own for several years.

Regardless of what a couple need, Jorgensen said, it is fun to register for both functional and decorative gifts. She says it’s best to choose a variety of things.

The most common gift-registry items are dishes, grilling accessories, barware including wine glasses and margarita glasses, furniture and coolers.

True Value has plenty of things grooms will love such as grilling accessories, lawn and garden items and tools. Outdoor merchandise is very popular with grooms. Sometimes a couple will have their eye on a larger-ticket item, rather than a lot of smaller stuff. Occasionally the wedding party or a group of family members will chip in and buy a Weber grill or even furniture for the couple.

“Depending on how they know the couple, makes a difference on what kind of gift they feel comfortable giving,” said Jorgensen.

Brides and grooms also register for fun items such as popcorn bowls, wine racks, candle holders, and even wall art.

 Jorgensen said, “We have so much fun doing these registries.”