December 16, 2016

The merger between Family Resource Center and Mallard View, a residential care facility, has been completed after months of forced transition.

The union began in late summer 2016 after Mallard View discussed with the Carroll County Board of Supervisors recent changes in state and federal laws, as well as the Supreme Court’s 1999 Olmstead decision, which affirmed the rights of people with disabilities to live in community settings. The new laws direct care facilities to move residents from large facilities into community-based homes.

The four new group homes housing a total of fifteen clients began with a phone call from Mallard View board member Ryan Milligan to Lou Ann Mowrey, FRC executive co-director. Milligan informed Mowrey that Mallard View would be closing its doors by the end of 2016 due to a change in regulations for the State of Iowa.

“Because of my years on FRC’s Board of Directors, I am aware of their wide range of supportive services for individuals with mental, physical and other disabilities,” Milligan said. “Since most of the resident population was going to be displaced when Mallard View closed their doors, FRC immediately came to mind for the residents who needed habilitation services, which FRC can provide to them.”

In the past several months, Mowrey and Shari Kitt, a former Mallard View administrator and presently a waiver home coordinator with FRC, have worked with staff from both entities to open the new group homes and get them ready for the clients now living in them. All of the former Mallard View clients now have been assimilated into FRC’s services.

In addition to the 15 new clients from Mallard View, FRC also has absorbed several of Mallard View’s former staff members to allow for consistent care for its new consumers.

“This continuum of care will assure that the new group home residents receive care from individuals with whom they have had a relationship for many years, making their transitions into their new homes much smoother,” Mowrey said.

The transition, while mandated by law, has been a smooth one, Mowrey says.

“Most importantly, we are grateful that Lou Ann and her staff offered to work with Mallard View’s staff and Board of Directors to enroll our clients in FRC’s Habilitation Program, continuing to offer assistance in skills related to living in the consumer’s home and community,” Kitt said. “This merger propels us forward in caring for our clients with the very best support, compassion and dignity.”

The Mallard View building, located at 17504 Mahogany Ave., is owned by the county. The Board of Supervisors will open Request For Proposal bids at its regular meeting Monday morning.