Mayor Adam Schweers
Mayor Adam Schweers
Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mayor Adam Schweers tells The Storm Lake Times he has “overwhelming support” in Carroll for his State Senate bid and that concerns expressed by three council members and other community leaders “will all pass.”

The Storm Lake Times described the story in this headline: “Some city leaders upset; Schweers says rest of town supports him.”

Schweers announced a campaign for State Senate District 6 last month after serving as Carroll mayor for 10 weeks. He opted to continue as mayor while simultaneously running as a Republican legislative candidate in the sweeping new district that includes Audubon, Carroll, Sac and Buena Vista counties, as well as part of Crawford County.

That decision sparked controversy in the Carroll City Council Chambers, splitting that body. Councilmen Tom Tait, Dr. Eric Jensen and Mike Kots publicly supported Schweers on the matter, while Council members Carolyn Siemann, Jeff Scharfenkamp and Mike Eifler challenged Schweers and suggested he make a choice: resign as mayor or drop the Senate bid.

Four of the council members — Jensen, Scharfenkamp, Eifler and Siemann — said their comments were informed by input they received in recent weeks from the general public. Former Mayor Jim Pedelty offered criticism as well, charging that Schweers is putting his own ambitions ahead of the interests of the city.

“I thought there might be some political concerns,” Schweers told The Storm Lake Times in its Wednesday edition. “I did not anticipate it would be nearly like this. To be honest, I’ve chosen to just keep focused on the task at hand. I’m confident I’ll continue to work with former Mayor Pedelty on things and this will all pass.”

In The Storm Lake Times interview Schweers suggests the criticism of his political decision is isolated and not reflective of the general consensus in Carroll.

“In terms of the rest of our community, overwhelming support has been great,” Schweers said. “The number of emails and text messages and calls from people in Arcadia, Vail, Carroll, Audubon and Sac City — that’s what helps you weather these storms.”

Schweers told The Storm Lake Times he’s optimistic about his chances in a June primary in which he faces Crawford County Supervisor Mark Segebart and Sac County Deputy Sheriff Matthew Biede.

“I’m highly motivated,” Schweers said in the Storm Lake interview. “I’m honest and have got a strong reputation for being ethical in business. I love my family. I enjoy finding solutions for problems, sitting there and finding out how I can fix something.”

He added, “Whether it’s Storm Lake or Carroll I’d be the guy you see showing up at church and Chamber meetings and there to help whenever I can.”