Zach Wailes
Zach Wailes
August 22, 2013

The Carroll-area teenagers accused of a string of break-ins and vehicle thefts in July have pleaded not guilty to their numerous felony charges and are set for court trials in Carroll and Jefferson in October.

Zach Wailes, 19, of Breda, faces 13 charges - 10 of them are felonies - in Carroll and Greene counties for theft, burglary, eluding and drug possession. Josey Wilson, 19, of Carroll, faces three charges - two of them felonies - in Greene County for burglary and theft.

The Greene County charges are set for trial on Oct. 1.

A trial for Wailes' Carroll charges is set for Oct. 22. He pleaded not guilty to them on Monday, online court records show.

The teens are accused of escaping a high-speed chase in a stolen truck with Carroll County Sheriff's deputies on July 8, eluding capture again from a campsite in Calhoun County northwest of Lake City in a stolen all-terrain vehicle and later a stolen car, and fleeing from sheriffs and deputies July 9 at Spring Lake State Park in Greene County before their arrest later that day at an acquaintance's Grand Junction house.

They have allegedly admitted to a series of thefts from unlocked vehicles.

Both had outstanding arrest warrants before the alleged theft spree for failing to appear in court - Wailes for a drug possession charge in Carroll County and Wilson for a trespassing conviction in Shelby County in which he owed more than $11,000 restitution.