Marvin Huelsing
Marvin Huelsing
April 16, 2014

An 80-year-old Maple River man was apparently shot four times by scrap-metal thieves who also shot the man's friend and burned their bodies last month, according to recently unsealed search warrant documents.

Autopsies of the bodies of Marvin Huelsing and friend Alice Huisenga, 81, of rural Arcadia, found four bullets in Huelsing's body and an unspecified number of bullet fragments in Huisenga's body, the documents show.

One of the suspects in the case, Jayden Chapman, 19, of Denison, allegedly admitted to investigators that he and Michael Schenk, 26, of Denison, shot the two on Huelsing's acreage near Deloit - about four miles north of Denison - on March 10, and that Schenk torched a trailer house that contained their bodies.

Chapman said Schenk also set fire about 200 yards north of the trailer house to a pickup truck, near which investigators found a major clue that linked Schenk to the crime - a Walmart receipt with his debit-card number from two days before the alleged murders.

Chapman and Schenk both face two first-degree murder charges and one for arson. A third suspect, Erika Dains, 36, of Denison, pleaded guilty last week to burglary and accessory after the fact and agreed to testify against Chapman and Schenk at their trials, which are currently set for June 10 and Oct. 7.

A special tactical team of law officers arrested all three at a friend's house in Denison two days after the alleged crimes.

The next day, March 13, investigators searched a room at Ho Hum Motel in Denison that Chapman had rented and found three gasoline containers and a lighter with mud on it, according to one of the search warrant documents. They also found gray plastic vehicle parts and the gray interior liner of a vehicle door in the room.

On March 20, investigators found a cache of evidence behind a garage in Denison, the documents show. The documents do not list the items found - which were alleged possessions of both the victims and suspects - but say they were shipped to the state Division of Criminal Investigation crime lab in Ankeny to examine for DNA, fingerprints and "firearms-related evidence."

Search warrant applications, approvals and the lists of items recovered are of public record unless a judge keeps them sealed from public view, often because their details would jeopardize criminal investigations. It's unclear if there are other search warrant documents that pertain to the Deloit case that are still confidential.

State and county investigators have declined to comment further on the case.