Brittany Ann Yockey
Brittany Ann Yockey
December 23, 2013

A 21-year-old Carroll woman accused of having sexual intercourse twice with a 14-year-old boy is set to plead guilty to one felony sex-abuse charge next month.

Brittany Ann Yockey was charged with two sexual abuse felonies - each punishable by up to 10 years in prison - for the alleged sex on Aug. 1 and Oct. 20. The most recent incident happened about 1 a.m. at Meadow Wood of Carroll apartments, 1106 Woodland Drive, according to a police officer's criminal complaint.

Yockey "knew the minor was only 14 years old but continued with the act," the officer wrote in the complaint.

The age of consent in Iowa - in which a minor can have legal consensual sex with an adult - is 16. Under state law, 14-year-olds can only have legal sex with someone up to three years older.

Yockey is set to plead guilty to one of the felony charges on Jan. 6. Court documents say she will ask for a deferred judgment, in which Yockey will not be formally convicted of the charge and will avoid prison if she abides the terms of her probation.

County Attorney John Werden will not contest the deferred-judgment request, court records show.

Iowa law requires those who plead guilty to sexual abuse to register as a sex offender for 10 years, even if they receive a deferred judgment.

Yockey worked part-time at the Carroll Recreation Center but was suspended from her job when she was arrested in October.