Brian Best
Brian Best
December 16, 2013

Iowa House candidate Brian Best, a Glidden resident who operates two businesses in Carroll, says he's a fiscal and social conservative who would make reducing government regulation a priority.

"I'd be very interested in doing what I can to just keep the government off our backs and let free enterprise reign," Best said in an interview with The Daily Times Herald.

Best, 54, is the only announced Republican candidate for House District 12, which includes Carroll and Audubon counties and the eastern part of Crawford County. If he emerged from the June primary, Best would face Democratic incumbent Dan Muhlbauer, a two-term legislator and Manilla cattleman.

Best, who along with his wife, Sharon, own Bestmed Respiratory and Western Iowa Sleep, said he has been intensely interested in legislative activity in Des Moines and Washington, D.C., in the past six years.

"I feel like we're seeing more and more regulation," Best said.

He said he wants more decisions made in statehouses. He supports "individual rights at the local level, states' rights."

Best said he didn't have specific tax-reform proposals at this point in the campaign. But his over-arching approach will be to support a tax climate that is friendly to business, Best said.

"That's really what I'm hoping we can do," Best said.

Best said he would focus on rural health care, particularly physician and staff recruitment to smaller communities.

"I think if there's anything (legislators) can do to help, say like the recruitment of doctors, things like that, keep them in the smaller communities," Best said, adding that he would be open to more state incentives to lure medical professionals to rural areas.

Best said he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

On abortion policy, Best said is he "pro-life" and believes abortion should be criminalized in all cases, including rape and incest.

"It's hard for me in my mind to separate that because there's still a baby in the womb, and as far as I'm concerned, it still has the same rights regardless of how it was conceived," Best said.

Best said he didn't have an opinion on what the punishment should be for a doctor who performed an abortion or a woman who had one, should his view prevail and the procedure become illegal again.

"What I do believe is that if we could work at it from a positive aspect, and say, 'OK, what would be the deterrent that is a positive deterrent?' " Best said. "For instance, social networking and charities and things like that that could help that woman."

A member of St. John Lutheran Church in Carroll, Best said he is opposed to same-sex marriage.

He is also opposed to the death penalty.

"To me, it's about life, and it's really tough, I think, when you as a government ... what if you made a mistake and you executed somebody wrongfully?" Best said. "You just could never unbake that cake once you've baked it."

Best cited Ronald Reagan as a political inspiration.

"Ronald Reagan would probably be the top," Best said. "Actually, I liked (2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt) Romney. I really did. I think there's maybe some folks that weren't excited about him. But I thought he was a good candidate. I liked the guy."