Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All five of the uncontested races in Carroll County were won by incumbents receiving at least 98 percent of the vote.

County Board of Supervisors chairman Mark Beardmore received 7,570 votes, Supervisor Eugene Meiners brought in 7,355 votes, Supervisor Neil Bock had 7,656 votes, County Auditor Joan Schettler received 7,752 votes, and Sheriff Doug Bass had 8,392 votes.

Beardmore lives in Carroll and is a representative of the 5th District. He has been a supervisor for a single four-year term.

Meiners represents District 3. This will be his fourth term.

Bock has held his District 1 office for two years. He previously represented District 2 for four years.

Schettler is a Democrat from Breda. She ran unopposed in 2008. She began her career as auditor after being appointed in 2007 by Paul Fricke.

Bass was first appointed to his position as sheriff by Jack Longnecker, who served from 1963 to 1992. Bass has never run for re-election opposed.

There was one contested race in Crawford County for the board of supervisors: Randall Kuhlmann won 43.5 percent of the vote, beating Cecil Blum, who had 35.3 percent, and Patricia Ritchie, who earned 21 percent of the vote.

The only contested race in Sac County was between Ranell Drake and Jack Bensley for the District 1 supervisor seat. Drake won with 893 votes.

James Dowling received 99 percent of the votes for Sac County auditor and Ken McClure was elected sheriff with 4,358 votes.

There were no contested races in Calhoun County.

Dean Hoag Sr. will be serving District 1 for the county supervisors; Gary Nicholson will serve District 3; Judy Howrey will be the county auditor and William A. Davis was elected sheriff.

In Audubon County, Todd Nelsen narrowly won a board of supervisors seat with 1,817 votes. He was followed by Duane Deist who had 1,550 votes, Kent Brabill who had 1,542 votes and Jerry Carer who had 1,082 votes.

Todd Johnson beat Blake Asberry for Audubon County Sheriff receiving 2,374 of the 3,459 votes cast.

Lisa Frederiksen ran unopposed as Audubon County auditor and Debbie Campbell ran unopposed for treasurer.

In Greene County, Mick Burkett beat Jean Walker for the District 1 county supervisor seat.

John Muir won against Dale Hanaman for the District 4 supervisor seat, and Guy Richardson won the District 5 seat.

Jane Heun ran unopposed for the county auditor position.