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Did you get a tape-recorded message on the phone from Rep. Steve King last week?
  • Rod Roberts for lieutenant governor
    First things first. The news of the appointment of the nation’s longest-serving governor, Iowa’s Terry Branstad, to be ambassador to China is encouraging for a host of reasons, from national security to agricultural export opportunities to breakthroughs only possible through the sort of personal relationships Branstad has wisely cultivated over decades.
  • What Carroll Public Library can learn from its larger San Diego cousin
    Months ago, when Commercial Savings Bank board chairman Pat Moehn stood in front of the Carroll City Council and announced a “million-dollar offer” — use of the bank’s building to end a decade of deadlock and allow the city’s library to expand — he cited an unexpected inspiration.
  • 5 takes on President-elect Donald Trump
    1. Accept the results of the election, kids. Trump won. Full stop. Disgruntled millenials in Portland, Oregon, tea cuppers who crack when the microbrewery short stocks their favorite craft beer, need to learn to take a loss. The time for protest of vote totals? Election Day.
  • It’s up to us now
    I’ve cried a lot since Tuesday night.
  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    There’s one thing worse than a corrupt politician and that’s voting for a corrupt politician.
  • Mothers, beware The Big Orange One
    Mama, keep your kids close and your Bibles open.
  • We trust you, our readers, on Nov. 8
    We’ve been asked here at The Daily Times Herald in recent days if we are planning on endorsing candidates this election cycle.
  • This week was rough
    I got a group text from a good college friend this week.
  • Catholics are again the targets in a presidential campaign
    In 1928 Al Smith, the governor of New York, ran for president against Herbert Hoover. Smith was a Catholic. That was a big issue in the campaign, for many feared that the policies of the United States would be dictated by Rome. Smith lost in a landslide.
  • Clinton ready to respond to rural America’s needs
    In the United States today, 46 million Americans call our rural communities home. In just a few short weeks, you will cast your ballots for president, choosing a candidate who will not only represent your interests, but understands the challenges you face. Throughout this long election, the candidate who has consistently shown herself best equipped to advocate for our rural communities is Hillary Clinton.
  • Sexual assault: 1 million stories
    In the past week, countless women have spoken out about having been sexually assaulted — many telling their stories for the first time.
  • No Rudy, behind the curtain, men aren’t like Trump
    Ladies, let me take you behind the curtain of male privilege and entitlement, into the locker rooms and fraternity chapter chambers and other sanctuaries of unapologetic American maleness.
  • I’ve known men like you, Donald Trump
    Several nights ago, I sat with a growing pit in my stomach as Donald Trump’s voice filled my ears.
  • Through postcards, a window to the world — and myself
    I like a good text or Snapchat as much as your next millennial.
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