Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For a second time in a century Carroll Countians can be forgiven if they take a rooting in the fortunes of Al Capone.

During Prohibition, this was for real as the iconic Windy City mobster was the pipeline between the Templeton Rye trade and thirsty patrons at speakeasies in Chicago across the Midwest.

Now we can pull for Capone on TV in HBO’s dramatic historical series “Boardwalk Empire.” The more we catch of Al, the more we are likely to see of Templeton Rye product placement, reasons Scott Bush, TR Spirits president.

Bush and his Templeton Rye team, exceptional promoters who know how to host events, held a premiere party for the first episode of the second season of “Boardwalk Empire” Sunday night at the Science Center of Iowa in downtown Des Moines. About 100 people attended, paying $25 each, with proceeds going to the science center — a splendid place by the way.

The primary reason for the gathering: Dave and Alex Schoeppner of Templeton’s Schoeppner Designs. The father-son contracting team fashions some fantastic furniture from spent Templeton Rye barrels. The producers of “Boardwalk Empire,” after some discussions with Bush, requested dozens of the Schoeppners’ hand-crafted vintage whiskey crates for the HBO sets.

On Sunday, the crowd gathered to watch the premiere saw the crates and some Templeton Rye bottles make appearances, albeit quickly in the show — once in a Chicago speakeasy where Capone is cutting deals and, among other times, during a raid of a wet restaurant in Atlantic City.

“I had two good looks,” Bush said. “It was very quick.”

Bush expects Capone to be a bigger part of this “Boardwalk Empire” season, meaning Dave and Alex and TR Spirits could be as well.

“Templeton Rye was much more in Chicago than it was in Atlantic City,” Bush said.

So we can all be granted pardons (from whom I don’t know) for cheering the doings of Capone on “Boardwalk Empire.” The more prominent he becomes, the better for Templeton Rye and the related businesses like Schoeppner Designs that get a PR boost with millions of HBO viewers.

Fascinating how fiction follows truth, isn’t it.


Great news for readers

For lovers of libraries and books and things free, Amazon announced some major news last week.

What’s more, the Carroll Public Library jumped on the new opportunity afforded to owners of Kindle eReaders by the Seattle-based publishing Goliath.

You can now check out ebooks from the Carroll library and read them on your Kindle or Kindle mobile application

  Most WILBOR (a library Internet service) ebooks are now compatible with Kindle, and the process will seem familiar to WILBOR and Kindle users.

“We’ve been waiting for the eBooks that we offer through WILBOR to be available to our patrons with Kindles and the Kindle app on their mobile devices, and we’re excited that even more people will be able to make use of the downloadable eBooks,” said Carroll Library Director Kelly Fischbach.

You will need an Amazon account to download to a Kindle or Kindle app, but you won’t need a credit card — just an e-mail address to create an account, Fischbach said.

Check out eBooks and audiobooks on the WILBOR by visiting the Carroll Public Library’s website www.carroll-library.org

“All you need is your library card,” Fischbach said.